Harbortouch Retail Point of Sale System

Frequently Asked Questions About Harbortouch Retail

Does Harbortouch Install Everything?

Yes!  You'll get a full onsite install from a certified Harbortouch technician near you.  Your Harbortouch retail POS system install will be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you.  The installation is included at no additional charge.

How Much Does it Cost?

Harbortouch Retail is $69 per month (per terminal) with a $20 per month service and support fee (per terminal).  To take advantage of this special offer, you must qualify for a merchant account and agree to a three (3) year contract term for the POS system.  If you need a less expensive option, we also offer Harbortouch Echo for small retail shops for only $39 per month!

Is Training Included?

Yes, comprehensive training is included.  We initially provide on-site basic overview training and then more advanced remote training so that you can have confidence using your new POS system.  There is also online training videos to train on your own time.

Is The Inventory Programming Included?

Yes!  Send us your inventory and we will pre-program your new point of sale system before shipping.  That way you're ready to go when your new system gets installed.  There is no additional charge to program your point of sale.

Can I Use My Credit Card Provider?

No.  Harbortouch Retail is a fully integrated point of sale solution that includes credit card processing.  To apply for the Harbortouch program, you must use Harbortouch merchant services.  Our rates are very competitive and we will meet or beat your existing provider so you can get a new POS.  Our system is EMV ready and fully PCI compliant.

How Much Does Support Cost?

Support is included in the monthly support fee.  Our in-house technical support and customer service representatives are available 24/7 x 365.  Remote support allows our support team to access your system to repair any issues.  All hardware is warrantied as long as you're a Harbortouch merchant.  We also have online support available.

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